PolarZone™ SCA Pre-Charged Antifreeze & Coolant


Nemco PolarZone Heavy Duty Diesel SCA Pre-Charged Antifreeze is a high quality ethylene glycol-based clear green engine coolant which is formulated to provide superior engine protection for heavy duty cooling systems. This quality antifreeze has a low silicate formulation and incorporates nitrate to provide superior wet sleeve liner cavitation corrosion protection and is compatible with all nationally distributed water filters and liquid supplemental coolant additives (SCA).

Features & Benefits

  • Clear green colour
  • Pre-charged with a high quality SCA, there is no need to add additional SCA’s at initial fill or when topping off to compensate for SCA dilution
  • Carefully balanced phosphate-free additive package offers corrosion protection for cast iron, steel, solder, copper and brass
  • Aluminum compatible
For more information, consult the product data sheet.