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Isopropyl Fuel De-Icer


Nemco Fuel De-Icer is designed to improve engine performance by eliminating moisture and ice from fuel systems. This assures better starting in cold and wet conditions. Nemco Fuel De-Icer helps to keep carburetors, injectors and fuel systems clean and free of ice and moisture. It can be used with all grades of gasoline and diesel fuel. This product can be used when storing vehicles to help remove moisture from fuel tanks. Nemco Fuel De-Icer is an isopropyl alcohol based product and does not contain methanol.

Features & Benefits

  • For diesel and gasoline engines
  • Two and four cycle engines
  • Recommended for cars with fuel injection systems
  • Also excellent for powerboats, snowmobiles, two-cycle engines and most recreational vehicles
  • One 150 ml bottle will treat about 24 to 35 litres of fuel
For more information, consult the product data sheet.