Automotive Gear Oil

UltraSyn 75W-90 Gear Oil

Synthetic 75W-90 GL 5


UltraSyn 75W-90 is manufactured from synthesized high viscosity index base oils. The specialized sulphur/phosphorus gear lubricant additive package provide us a heavy duty, extreme pressure, API Gl-5 axle lubricant. The oxidation and corrosion inhibitors help it protect gears and bearings operated under a wide variety of load conditions. Lubricants made with these synthetic base stocks are shear stable and retain their viscosity/temperature characteristics even under the severe mechanical shearing encountered in hypoid and other automotive gears.

Features & Benefits

  • High film strength gives high ratings in Timken and FZG tests
  • Resists oxidation created by the churning and heating in the presence of air encountered in all gear cases
  • Provides a protective film on metal surfaces, thus minimizing rust and corrosion
  • Better low temperature fluidity protection than mineral oil based multi-grade gear oils, along with effective lubricating film thickness at higher temperatures
For more information, consult the product data sheet.