Hydraulic Oil

Hydrol HVI Hydraulic Oil

ISO VG 22, 36, 46, 68


Nemco HVI Hydraulic Oils are all-season low temperature multi-grade fluids. They are characterized by a high viscosity index to minimize viscosity change over a wide temperature range. Blended from premium quality base oils and fortified with viscosity index improvers, rust inhibitors, anti-wear, anti-foam and oxidation inhibitors to impart optimum performance, these hydraulic oils improve usefulness over a wide operating temperature range and longer service life.

Features & Benefits

  • Year-round use in all mobile and stationary hydraulic systems requiring outdoor anti-wear oil including excavators, cranes, shovels, drills, crawlers, boom trucks, etc.
  • Saw mills, woodland equipment, snow removal equipment and portable compressors
  • Circulating systems, including those servicing plain and rolling element bearings in pump crankcases and some electric motor bearings, as well as gear sets requiring non-EP gear oils
For more information, consult the product data sheet.