Industrial Oil

NG-X Series PAG Compressor Oil

Synthetic Natural Gas Service


NG-X PAG Compressor Oils feature excellent
protection against hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in the gas
stream. Corrosion protection, low pour point, excellent
lubricity, and limited dilution with hydrocarbon gases
ensure that the use of this oil over a wide range of
applications and systems will result in a long, troublefree
and uninterrupted service interval. These oils are
especially advantageous in compressors operating
within harsh chemical environments, particularly
with sour gas (H2S present) applications, due to their
robust formulation.

Features & Benefits

  • Resistance to H2S corrosion and Low pour point
  • Limits hydrocarbon dilution in service
  • Superior lubricity; increased efficiency and reduced
    operating costs
  • Shear stability; increased service life