Heavy Duty Engine Oil (HDEO)

SynBlend HD Motor Oils 0W-30 and 0W-40

Synthetic Blend Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil


Synthetic Blend Heavy Duty Engine Oils are a blend of synthetic base oils (PAOs) and high-VI mineral base oil, combined with a balanced additive package. Synthetic Blend Heavy Duty 0W-30 and 0W-40 are recommended for all naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines used in heavy-duty trucks, agricultural, mining and construction equipment, as well as light duty gasoline powered cars, trucks and vans and are are highly recommended for use where cold weather starting can be a problem.

Features & Benefits

Synthetic Blend Heavy Duty Engine Oils offer the end user improved performance and longer equipment life. In addition, these motor oils provide optimum fuel economy, oil consumption control, low temperature (-45°C) pumpability and start-up. At low temperatures, these oils demonstrate good fluidity for fast start-up lubrication of critical parts, while at operating temperature; they have sufficient viscosity to maintain the protection of these components.

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