Heavy Duty Engine Oil (HDEO)

Synthetic Super DEO 5W-40 CK-4

Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil


Nemco Synthetic Super DEO 5W-40 CK-4 is an advanced full synthetic diesel engine oil. This premium heavy duty diesel engine oil is engineered for optimal fuel economy, wide temperature range performance, and superior protection of all Tier IV and newer model year low-emission engines and exhaust after treatment systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Proven improved fuel economy (up to 1.2%) compared to 15W-40 engine oil
  • Advanced oxidation protection and enhanced shear stability
  • Reduces wear during cold temperature start up; exceeds 5W-40 pumpability requirements
  • Exceptional soot and deposit control reducing engine wear and extending engine life
For more information, consult the product data sheet.