Transmission Fluid

ATF Multi-Vehicle

Automatic Transmission Fluid


Nemco ATF Multi-Vehicle is a synthetic blend automatic transmission fluid designed to exceed performance requirements of conventional automatic transmission fluids. Nemco Multi-Vehicle ATF is is designed to meet requirements where DEXRON® III, MERCON®, MERCON® V, and Allison C-4 fluids are specified. Nemco Multi-Vehicle ATF is also recommended for Chrysler applications other than Type F.

Features & Benefits

  • Formulated to meet the stringent wear, friction, and operational requirements of most automatic transmissions for a smooth driving experience
  • Excellent oxidation and thermal protection that reduces sludge, varnish and deposits for longer life
  • Cold temperature flow characteristics provides ease of pumping, quick start up, and smooth shifting even at low temperatures
For more information, consult the product data sheet.