Nemco Lubrications & Chemical History


  • In January 2022, Catalys Lubricants Group, a subsidiary of Crevier Group, acquired the entire Nemco Resources Ltd. company, including its activities, inventory and equipment, housed in a cutting-edge plant in Winnipeg and two warehouses in Regina and Saskatoon.
  • With its nearly 35-year history and success in lubricant distribution in Canada, Catalys was a natural choice to ensure Nemco’s continued growth and longevity in the market.
  • Catalys Lubricants Group’ acquisition of Nemco completed its coast-to-coast distribution network. Catalys now has four production and packaging locations, 13 warehouses, and several resellers, with presence across all 10 Canadian provinces.
  • The company has an agreement with Shell, enabling the distribution and sale of products across Western Canada, complementing Nemco’s house brand product offering.


  • January 2016, The Bodtker Group sold off four of their companies to Industrial Container Services of Maitland, FL. With this sale there has been a change in the company structure and a shift to make Nemco Lubricants & Chemicals a key focus of the Bodtker Group. We are excited to be so well poised for growth.
  • Nemco Resources Ltd. received their ISO9001:2008 certification from SAI Global.
  • In March, Nemco received their Dexos licence from General Motors (GM) for three of their synthetic oils. OW20, 5W20 and 5W30 grades are now General Motors approved for OEM work. GM sets a high standard for their oil certification and we are very pleased to have met the standard.
  • June of this year saw Nemco Resources Ltd. undertake a 5S project in the Winnipeg warehouse. 5S relates to workplace organization and forms a solid foundation in our drive for continuous improvement.
  • Nemco designed and fabricated a custom pail labeller to reduce production time.
  • Our product liability and warranty were published on the Nemco website.
  • Digital high level alarms were installed on all our vertical Anti-freeze storage units, allowing us to monitor content levels via the web in real time.
  • An implementation plan for qualification to the ISO9001:2015 standard has begun.


  • Nemco Resources Ltd. began the transition to the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. GHS defines and classifies the hazards of chemical products, and communicates health and safety information on labels and safety data sheets. The goal is that the same set of rules for classifying hazards, and the same format and content for labels and safety data sheets (SDS) will be adopted and used around the world.


  • Along with the development of our new logo, we launched a new, more vibrant website. This website spotlights our vast array of products and features the addition of a “Where to buy” section as well as a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) library.
  • Increased warehouse space at our Saskatoon, SK. location.
  • In our effort to become ‘green’, we are now reclaiming chemical and antifreeze flush system waste and have joined the movement to replace old forklifts with new, electric units.
  • New storage tanks were installed at our Winnipeg, MB. location. The property underwent an impressive face-lift.
  • Significant work now completed on new blending capabilities and overhaul of production facilities.


  • Fill lines were upgraded, effectively doubling our product capacity.


  • Began formulating and blending PolarZone antifreeze.
  • An automated bottle-labelling machine was also installed.


  • We doubled the size of our Winnipeg warehouse and added a reclamation system for chemical and antifreeze flushes.


  • Nemco Resources Ltd. was acquired by GWC (Great Western Container Services) now known as The Bodtker Group of Companies.


  • Introduced bulk oil distribution at our Regina, SK. location with the purchase of two new 25,000 litre oil tanks.


  • Expanded the blending plant and tank farm with the addition of four 45,000-litre tanks.


  • Developed stages for a new tank farm and purchased an additional seven new 45,000-litre oil tanks.


  • Relocated to our current Winnipeg location to take advantage of rail car access.


  • Appointed major distributors in Estevan, SK, Red Deer and Edmonton, AB.
  • Moved the Saskatoon warehouse location to a larger space based on the growth in sales.


  • Our first website was launched.


  • Nemco Resources Ltd. won the Manitoba Sustainable Development Award of Excellence in the small business category for innovative containers.


  • We opened a Plastics Recycling Plant at 207 Lowson Crescent, Winnipeg, MB. It was the first plant of its kind in western Canada.


  • Nemco Resources Ltd. now exceeds 46 employees. Our average growth has been between 25 to 30 percent in yearly sales since our opening in 1983.


  • Recognized as a western Canadian distributor for Mobil Oil Corporation out of Fairfax, Virginia.


  • Expanded the plant by an additional 2,400 square feet. We shipped our 7,500th order.
  • Employees increased to 36.
  • Nemco Resources Ltd. was appointed the exclusive Western Canadian Distributor for British Petroleum products, by B.P. International of London, England.


  • Extended the plant by 3,000 square feet and introduced a distributor truck fleet.
  • Purchased another blow moulder to allow for the increase is sales.


  • Expanded our warehouse space in Saskatchewan with a new location in Saskatoon.
  • Purchased another blow moulder to expand the plastics division.


  • Nemco Resources Ltd. incorporated its own plastics division with the purchase of blow moulding equipment.
  • Expanded into Regina, SK. with a distribution warehouse.


  • In July, five partners bought a 20,000 square foot oil and lubricant manufacturing plant at 471 Madison Street in Winnipeg, MB. The business began with a staff of seven employees.