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Premium Synthetic DEO 0W-30, 0W-40

NG-X Series PAG Compressor Oil

Nemco’s NG-X PAG Compressor Oils are full synthetic oils formulated with premium polyalkylene glycol (PAG) combined with a high performance additive package. These oils are specifically formulated to provide limited dilution with hydrocarbon gases.


Nemco’s NG-X 10W-40 natural gas engine oils are designed for stationary gas-fuelled, four-stroke engines. Formulated to provide engine protection from oxidation, deposits, varnish, wear, acids, and oil consumption and blended with a high-quality, shear-stable viscosity index improver to prevent shear loss.


Nemco NGEO Ashless 40 is an SAE 40 natural gas engine oil that has superior performances in twostroke engines operating on natural gas fuel.

NemFrost PG HTF Prediluted 50/50

NemFrost PG HTF Concentrate

Hydrol HVI Hydraulic Oil 68

Extreme Synthetic Motor (SMO) Oil 0W-20


Ethylene Glycol Premix