Updating All Our Major Bottle Sizes

Some of you may have already noticed our new bottles (pictured below) in your recent deliveries from Nemco. We are very excited to announce that we are updating ALL our major bottle sizes. You asked and we listened. We are continually improving at Nemco and our bottles were at the top of our list for improvement.

We are pumped that our new washer fluid bottle is now more appropriately sized at 1 USG (U.S. Gallon) of liquid. A ‘fuller’ bottle will present better on your shelf. Watch out for the new & improved washer fluid label coming very soon.

We are upgrading our 1L and 4L oil and antifreeze bottles too. The new 1L bottle has more headspace to prevent spillage when opening. This bottle is also equipped with a view stripe along the side to allow the consumer easy access to the volume of liquid remaining in the bottle. The new 4L bottle (arriving in early 2018) will also have a view strip to better serve the consumer.

Nemco is continually improving to make our products more attractive and functional for the end-user.

We welcome your feedback and thank you very much for your ongoing support.

Shawn Kerr
General Manager

nemco new bottle sizes

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