Nemco offers an extensive line-up of antifreeze and coolants that maximize the performance of today’s cars, heavy duty trucks, agriculture equipment, off-road and recreational vehicles, as well as specialty applications.

Nemco antifreeze products are formulated using Ethylene Glycol (EG) based chemistry and additives that provide the corrosion protection and long service life required in today’s engines with different metallurgies including cast iron, steel, brass, copper, solder and aluminum components.

Our propylene glycol (PG) based antifreeze products are non-toxic and environment friendly.

Nemco has the product you need to meet all major OEM coolant specifications and third party certifications. Our antifreeze products are available either as concentrate or in 50-50 or 60-40 pre-mix blends to meet seasonal temperature requirements.



500 mL bottle
1L bottle
4L jug

Available in: Bottles (150 mL, 350 mL, 1L), 4x4L jugs, 20L pails, kegs, 110L & 205L drums, 1,000L totes, bulk