Tractor Hydraulic Fluid

Nemco Tractor Hydraulic Fluids are multi-functional fluids formulated specifically for tractors using a centralized system to lubricate the transmission, differential, wet brake, power steering, hydraulic and Power Take Off (PTO) systems. They meet the technical requirements of the major OEM tractor equipment manufacturers.

Nemco Tractor Hydraulic Fluids are formulated with high viscosity base oils to provide excellent cold flow characteristics while maintaining high temperature viscosity stability. A special additive system is used to provide anti-wear properties, the ability to carry heavy differential gear loads and the special balance of frictional properties to prevent wet brake chatter while improving smooth operation.

The viscosity characteristics of the TGH Fluid are ideal for use in three seasons; spring, summer and fall; it has good cold flow performance for those times when cold temperature start-up and operation are essential yet retains its viscosity for protection during the hot summer months. The TGH Arctic (Low Viscosity) Tractor Fluid provides outstanding cold flow performance for those times when cold temperature start-up and operation are essential.

An excellent product option for year-round service is the TGH Synthetic, a new fully synthetic product that allows for use in all climates, and eliminates the need for seasonal change-outs.


    Features & Benefits

    • Meets or exceeds all industry specifications and a wide range of OEM requirements for agricultural tractors, certain makes and models of construction equipment and hydraulic equipment
    • Protects gears, pumps and other parts from wear due to high loads
    • Frictional properties reduce damage caused by wet brake chatter
    • Excellent fluidity at cold temperatures for all weather performance
    • Low viscosity TGH Arctic available for extreme cold operation

    Products in this Lineup

  • TGH – Tractor Fluid
  • TGH Arctic – Tractor Fluid
  • TGH Red – Tractor Fluid
  • TGH Synthetic – Tractor Fluid
4L jug

Available in: 4x4L jugs, 20L pails, 110L & 205L drums, 1,000L totes, bulk