Nemco Greases are designed to lubricate bearings, gears and other equipment components where a continuous supply of oil cannot be retained. Nemco offers an extensive line-up of quality grease products, including Lithium Complex, Aluminum Complex, Calcium Sulphonate and Polyurea thickener based greases and other specialty grades.

Nemco Greases meet a wide variety of grease lubricating applications from service in wheel bearings and automotive chassis to gears, pins and bushings. They are formulated with the highest quality mineral and synthetic base oils and additives to provide wear protection, water washout resistance, adhesion properties and long service life.

Nemco greases are available in a range of NLGI thickness categories (EP00, EP0, EP1, EP2) for use across a wide range of temperatures and applications. Several of the Nemco greases contain 3% to 5% molybdenum disulphide (moly), a solid additive required by various OEMs for heavy duty service.


Available in: Tubes, tubs, pails, kegs, drums, totes