Heavy Duty Engine Oil (HDEO)


Ashless Natural Gas Engine Oil


Nemco Ashless Natural Gas Engine Oil NGEO 40 is a non-ash, natural gas engine oil that has superior performances in a wide range of applications. This oil is formulated using a balanced metallic, anti-wear and anti-oxidant additive package with the addition of dispersants that assist in preventing deposits from suspending in the oil. It is also formulated to help prevent piston scoring and scuffing of the cylinder walls. NGEO 40 is recommended for use in high-output four-stroke and selected two-stroke stationary engines that operate under moderate loads and temperatures that are fuelled by natural or synthetic gas.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides superior cleanliness and extends oil life
  • Minimum oil viscosity increase
  • Cleaner pistons, crankcases and top decks
  • Reduced valve recession
  • Nitration resistant
For more information, consult the product data sheet.